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Our consulting process starts with a detailed brand analysis that delivers our client partners real and actionable insights and opportunities, informed by expert knowledge of cutting edge retail trends and innovation.

Our clients each walk through our design thinking, manufacturing and installation processes alongside our team of experts. They are assured in advance of the innovations and outcomes they can cost effectively achieve, with our highly regarded service offering.

We are proud of our long-term client partnerships, many of whom have chosen to be with us for over 15 years. And, we regularly welcome a broad range of new and diverse clients who are seeking to achieve greater results with us.


We match our retail marketing, design and manufacturing expertise with the latest category and consumer insights, to deliver award-winning strategies and solutions. Our innovative design and precision engineering are proven to drive brand and category growth of more than 15% for our clients:

  • Targeted brand analysis
  • Strategy based on our experience and knowledge of best-practise in consumer engagement at point-of-sale
  • Consultative, high-level client service

2. Design

We combine innovative and industry-leading design with extensive retail knowledge and insights. The result: customised and impactful solutions that drive brand growth. Design Thinking is at the heart of every innovation we produce. For each and every brief, we create concepts and solutions that are functionally excellent and maximise brand presence in-store. 

Our team features highly experienced and passionate international designers with significant industry understanding.


  • Innovative and engaging designs that drive consumer engagement with your product
  • Expertly customised systems with excellent functionality and quality detailing
  • Deep understanding of maximising brand presence in-store

3. Development

We refine and customise every solution following extensive consultation and design testing, leading to greater performance and return on investment.

From customised tooling, through to identifying specialist materials, we leave no stone unturned to ensure the outcome meets the vision.

Our clients move through the process with our design and sales teams every step of the way.

Project Development

  • Conceptual design
  • Black and white sketches, colour renderings and computer generated visuals
  • Engineering specifications and drawings
  • Prototyping

4. Manufacturing

Once the design is optimised, we take the detailed plans and make them a reality through high quality production.

We have decades of manufacturing and production experience. We understand which materials and processes deliver the greatest shopper impact, finish quality and cost control, and we are always looking for new processes and better ways of doing things, so we are at the forefront of innovations in the sector. Exact engineering capabilities, combined with ownership of manufacturing facilities in Asia and Australia, ensures precision in the production process.

5. Installation

We meticulously install each solution if required to ensure a perfect fit every time.  And, our hands-on aftercare service ensures a longer lifecycle for each system fitted, by ensuring each remains functional and looking good.

Our team of experienced installers ensure that the finished merchandising unit is set up in-store and looking perfect.


  • Experienced installation teams
  • Repair programme
  • Update programme down the track