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Australis cosmetics re-launch into Priceline

The Australis cosmetics brand has experienced an amazing resurgence in Australia, with a whole new generation developing an emotional connection to the brand.

Australis’ parent company, Heritage Brands, has been very successful in nurturing a legion of young and very loyal shoppers. Much of this growth is a direct result of Heritage Brands’ ongoing commitment to connect and engage with these younger shoppers through an active online social media network – building trust and familiarity with the Australis brand.

EDA’s Industrial Design team created a modular shelf and product cassette display system for Australis that incorporates LED shelf lighting and individual product push-feed channels, (both of these being firsts for the brand). The shelf modules clip directly into 1.0-bay and 2.0-bay Australis display housings that EDA designed to suit Priceline’s wall spaces, while also ensuring that the same module sizes will fit any future Australis display unit that might be required in other retail channels.

Rollout to 320 Priceline stores has just completed, with implementation into the remaining Priceline stores scheduled for early 2017.

Feedback from Priceline has been very positive, with early sales results showing a marked upward trend for the brand. All indications point to a very promising future for Australis.

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